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We believe in communications as a tool to help companies achieve their business goals.
We have more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of communications, marketing and public relations strategies effectively customized to the needs of our clients.
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IT Comunicación is the representative in Spain of the international network of communications agencies GlobalCom PR Network, and a founding member of the Space Communications Alliance, the first worldwide network of communications and marketing agencies for the space sector.

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Consultancy and communication plans

Consultancy and development for product or corporate communication plans.


Media relations and public relations

Planning and management of media relations and PR.


Design and management of digital marketing plans

Design and management of digital marketing plans and online communication. Influencer marketing.


Content development

Planning and creation of content.


Corporate image and identity

Corporative image and identity development and production.


Comunication tools

Development and production of communication tools.



Creativity, design and production for internal or external PR events


Launch of new products

Marketing plans for new product launches. Contacts with distributors and partners.


Industry Relations

Institutional relations planning and management.


Management of crisis situations

Identification and management of crisis situations.


is caring

We take care of the reputation of brands, companies and institutions, both offline and online.

We take care of the content we generate.

We take care of the processes, as well as our collaborators.

We take care of the relationship with the client to ensure that it is close, familiar and honest.

We take care of everything we do because we enjoy doing things with care, with love.

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We are generalists

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We work in very different economic sectors, a fact that enriches our work and provides us with a broader vision of the context that affects brands and their communication when designing strategies for our clients.


Global vision

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We work in five main areas:
•Creation of communication strategies.
•Design and implementation of action plans, events and special projects.
•Media relations and PR.
•Digital marketing and influencer marketing.
•Content strategy.


An international team

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We are a team with complementary skills who have developed our professional careers in the field of communication, in a very broad sense. We have chosen the best professionals and built a multidisciplinary and multilingual team to develop projects in different areas and to respond to the communication needs of our clients.


Commitment and willingness to serve

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Our method is based on the relationship with customers, media, partners, etc. In this way we guarantee the quality standards that we consider fundamental. This methodology, in combination with our willingness to serve, has earned us a high level of loyalty from our clients. So much so, that many of our now permanent clients began their relationship with us through a one-off project.


Creative agency

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With creativity at the service of a strategy, we seek to generate ideas that add value to our clients. We do not use established strategies. Our work is based on experience, intuition and the will to innovate in order to develop strategies that elevate our clients' presence in the public sphere.


Partnerships and collaborations

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From our previous professional experiences, we have long applied a way of working that we understand is absolutely fundamental today: the ability to build teams and make project management designs in which the combination of different talents allows for brighter and more unique results.



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We understand that quality, precision and attention to detail when executing and implementing any action or project is the value that makes the difference.


International approach

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As a result of our professional background and experience, we have the ability to develop our work in emerging countries and markets.


Communication entrepreneurs

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We know that ultimately our work must have an effective impact on our clients' income.


is multi­sectorial

We work for national and international clients from a wide range of industries.


Food and beverage

Architecture and design

Art and culture


Communications and Marketing

Consultancy and law

Distribution and logistics


Renewable energies

Finance and investment

Foundations and non-profit organisations

Consumer brands



Fashion and luxury


New technologies

Real estate

Professional services


Tourism and gastronomy

is us

We are a solid team of senior professionals from different backgrounds.

Paolo Miceli

Paolo Miceli

Founding Partner
Sergio Sensat

Sergio Sensat

Founding Partner . President
Josep M Iglesias

Josep M. Iglesias

Partner. CEO
Anna Castro

Anna Castro

Partner. Content Director

Marina Huete

Accounts director

Sarah Martín

Accounts director

Elena Minguela

Account Executive

Nuria Feliu


Júlia Viola

New Talent

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